If you are new to a sport or a hardened veteran, GeoCoach has free and  pro subscriptions so there is something for everyone.

Check out our amazing app features!

Record Your Workouts

Record all your runs, rides, indoor workouts and more. Choose from 40 activity types.

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Performance Metrics

Select the on-screen metrics to get the most out of your activity, including; Distance, time, speed, pace and calories.

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Workout History and Analysis

View and compare your recordings over a specific track. Analysis your performance over each individual mile/km.

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ANT+ Sensor Connectivity

Connect your Ant+ heart rate monitor, speed or cadence sensors to capture detailed performance data.

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Third Party Integration

Choose to share individual recording or use auto sharing to automatically send your activity to your chosen platforms.

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Track Events

Select locations on your track to automatically trigger audio or GoPro camera events.

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Voice Coach

Get feedback on each Km/Mile you complete while training, or at specific points in your workout using our Track Events.

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GoPro Control

Connect your GoPro action camera and use GeoCoach to automate the capture of photos and video footage.

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Real-time Comparison

Race against your personal best with real-time comparison. Unlock additional metrics to motivate you while you train.

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Data Export

Export your activity in GPX, KML, CRS, TCX or CSV format to use with other apps or services.

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Backup and Restore

Backup and restore your activity data, or transfer your activity data to other devices.

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Smart Watch Integration

Record, pause and stop your recordings directly from your Android Wear device

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