Workout History and Analysis

There are a number of ways to review and analyse your activity performance.

Home Screen

The ‘Home’ screen displays a timeline of your activities, most recent to oldest. You can choose to aggregate your activities into days, weeks, months years or all time.

My Tracks

The ‘My Tracks’ screen shows a list of the GPS based tracks you have recorded. From this screen you can view your personal best times for each track, or drill into the track to see all the individual repetitions of the track. Repeating a track multiple times allows you to compare performance and measure improvement over time.

Static Workouts

The ‘Static Workouts’ screen shows a list of all the static activities you have recorded.

You can drill into the detail of an individual activity from any of these pages.

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A  pro subscription allows you to review detailed heart rate and cadence data (If available), where asthe free version will only provide aggregated metrics. E.g. max heart rate or average cadence