ANT+ sensor connectivity

GeoCoach supports the connection of ANT+ compatible heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors.

Training with smart sensors will give you more insight into your performance and allow you to measure progress more effectively.

A heart rate monitor is recommended for all activities as it gives a more accurate view of effort and energy expended when compared to calculating these values from other available data (Age, Weight, Gender, Activity Type and Duration).

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Our sensor technology was developed in conjunction with Wahoo Fitness

Here are our recommended sensors to get the most out of your workouts.

Heart Rate Monitors

Our recommended heart rate monitor is Wahoo’s TICKRfit.

Small, light weight, comfortable, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (with over 30 hours life per charge) and IPX7 certified (Waterproof up to 5 ft).

A versitile peice of kit suitable for a wide range of activities.

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Cycling Sensors

Our recommend cycling sensors are the RPM Cadence and the RPM Speed

Weighing in at only 7 grams each and IPX7 certified (Waterproof up to 5 ft).

Suitable for cycling outdoors or indoors on a turbo trainer. The RPM Cadence sensor is even compatible with a dedicated exercise or spinning bike.

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Both the free and pro subscription share the same sensor connectivity. However, only the pro subscription allows for detailed analysis of the data captured. The free version will only provide aggregated metrics. E.g. max heart rate or average cadence.