Pairing and using ANT+ sensors

Pairing and using ANT+ sensors

ANT+ sensors are a great way to gather more information about your activities.


In this example we are going to pair an ANT+ heart rate monitor, but the process is the same for speed and cadence sensors too.

Start by opening up the app drawer and selecting ‘Settings’.

Scroll down to the ANT+ section and select ‘Add Sensors’.

Next turn on your ANT+ sensor and select the type of sensor you want to pair. In this example we will select ‘Heart Rate’.

The ANT+ plugin service will now search for compatible devices.

Once your device is available then select it from the list.

Give your device a name then press the ‘Save’ button.

You will now be return to the ‘Live Data’ screen where you will see the live data from your connected device.

Auto Connect

Returning back to the ANT+ section in the settings, you will see an item called ‘Auto Connect’.

Selecting this option will take you to the following screen where you can choose which type of ANT+ devices are connected automatically when you start recording and activity.

This option is useful where you participate in multiple activity types. For example, a heart rate monitor is suitable for most activity types so you may choose to use ‘Auto Connect’ for this device type as you will use it with all the activities you record.

However, speed and cadence sensors are cycling specific, so if you participate in activities other than cycling you may choose not to use ‘Auto Connect’ for these device types. For example, there is no point in searching for a speed sensor if you are using a treadmill.

Connecting Manually

Where ‘Auto Connect’ is not used you can manually connect an ANT+ sensor each time you record an activity.

From the overflow menu select ANT+, then the sensor type you want to connect.

ANT+ compatibility

The vast majority of Android devices natively support the connection of ANT+ sensors. For device compatibility please see and their compatible device list.

If you encounter connectivity issues on a compatible ANT+ device, you should ensure the ANT+ Radio Service is up to date..

ANT+ Radio Services

Pro Subscription Benefits

Although the free and pro subscription share the same sensor connectivity functionality, only the Pro Subscription allows for detailed analysis of the data captured. The free version will only provide aggregated metrics. E.g. max heart rate or average cadence. For more info see ‘Analysing an Activity‘.