Sending data to 3rd party platforms

Sending data to 3rd party platforms

GeoCoach can send your activity data to all the leading health and fitness platforms.

Supported Platforms
  • Strava
  • Training Peaks
  • MapMyFitness (Under armour Connect)|
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Fitbit
  • Komoot
Setting up an integration

In this example we are going to configure GeoCoach to send activity data to a Strava account, but the process is the same for sending data to all third party platforms.

Start by opening up the app drawer and selecting ‘Settings’

Scroll down to the ‘Third Party Integration’ section and select ‘Send your data to third party services’.

Next select the third party service you want to send your data to. In this example we will select ‘Strava’.

Your web browser will open the sign in page of the third party service you selected.

Enter your user name and password, and follow the instructions provided here by the third party.

Auto Sharing

Once signed in you will be redirected back to GeoCoach.

By default ‘Auto Share’ will be enabled (Automatically send my activity data to……).

This means any activity you record (providing it is supported by the third party service) will automatically be send to the service on completion.

Manual Sharing

If you would prefer to select which individual activities are sent to a third party service you can:

  • Disable ‘Auto Share’ in the previous step
  • Share a selected activity with a third party platform via the ‘Share’ icon when viewing an activity.