Using voice coach

Using voice coach

There are a number of ways to use voice coach:

  • Distance based announcements
  • On demand announcements
  • Location based announcements (Track Events)
Announcement Metrics

To use either ‘Distance based’ or ‘On demand’ announcements you first need to configure GeoCoach to announce the metrics you want to hear.

Start by opening up the app drawer and selecting ‘Settings’.

Scroll down to the ‘Voice Coach’ section and select ‘Coaching’.

Here you can select the metrics you would like voice coach to announce.


Only the ‘Total Time’ metric is available in the free app version.

To select other metrics you will need a Pro Subscription. Metrics available on a Pro Subscription are:

  • Total Time
  • Stopped Time
  • Moving Time/Working Time
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Average Pace
  • Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Energy
  • Fluid Loss
  • Ascent
  • Descent
  • Elevation
  • Max Elevation
  • Min Elevation

If you use a heart rate monitor during your activities you can also select:

  • Max Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate

If you use a cadence sensor during your activities you can also select:

  • Max Cadence
  • Average Cadence

If you repeating an existing track you can also select:

  • Split Time
  • Split Distance
  • Track Completion
  • Personal Best Countdown
  • Distance Remaining

Distance based announcements

To enable ‘distance based’ announcements, return to the settings screen and select ‘Voice Coach on Intervals’.

Now GeoCoach will announce your chosen metrics on the turn of each mile or kilometer during your workouts.

On demand announcements

Once you have configured the metrics you would like GeoCoach to announce in the steps above, you can use ‘On demand’ coaching at any point while recording an activity.

Start by recording an activity.

Select any of the metrics cards and change the selected metric to ‘Voice Coach’.

Whenever you would like GeoCoach to announce your chosen metrics, just tap the ‘Coach Now’ button.

Location based announcements (Track Events)

GeoCoach can also announce metrics at any predefined location on a track. This is configured via the Track Events functionality.


Regardless of which method of voice coach you choose to use, they are all ultimately controlled by the audio mute.

When recording an activity you can toggle audio mute on and off via the mute icon on the toolbar.


To use voice coach you will need to ensure you have a ‘Text to Speech’ (TTS) engine installed on your device, and configured to your language settings.

You can check the configuration of any ‘TTS’ engines installed on your device by going to:

Settings >> General Management >> Text to Speech Output >> Preferred Engine

If you do not have a TTS engine installed on your device you can install Google’s TTS engine from the Google Play Store.

Google TTS