Why does recording stop prematurely?

Why does recording stop prematurely?

If GeoCoach stops prematurely or fails to fully record your activity, it is likely due to a performance management app installed on your device. These apps are mainly installed by your device manufacturer, although similar third party apps are available from Google play store.

These apps are designed to keep your device running faster for longer by:

  • Restricting the running of apps in the background.
  • Terminating apps which are perceived to be using more battery power than they should.

The undesired consequence of such an app is that any apps you actually want to operate in these conditions are also ‘killed’ without warning.

The resolution is usually just to instruct the offending app that you want it to ignore any optimisation for GeoCoach.

Where GeoCoach detects one of these apps on your device you will be notified via the dialog below the first time you record an activity.

Following the dialog instructions will take you to the offending task management app for configuration.

You can also access any known task management apps at any point through the GeoCoach settings.

Depending on your device manufacturer there are different instructions to follow to instruct the task management app ignore optimization for GeoCoach.

A great website explaining this is https://dontkillmyapp.com. Here you will find instructions for the following device manufacturers:

Doze and App Standby

For devices running Android 6 and above, there are also settings for Doze and App Standby built into the Android OS.

If your device is affected by these setting you will be presented with the dialog below when launching GeoCoach.

You can also access these settings via the GeoCoach settings if any configuration is required.